Example image of MyMusea App concept

An app to enhance your museum-going experience using augmented reality (AR).

What if?

What if the movie, “Night at the Museum” were true?

What if enjoying an art collection became immersive, allowing you to experience each piece in a whole new way?

Example iPhone image of MyMusea Augmented reality app concept
“It’s a great concept!”
“The symbolism and restoration parts are very exciting!”
“Students would lose their minds! I would definitely use this!”

Our Team

We designed the MyMusea app concept as a final project for UX Design Certification through SMU's Continuing and Professional Education division.


Nan Doud - Certified UX Designer

Background & Interests:
Communications, wedding photography, & design


Lanie Tunnell Wilson - Certified UX Designer

Background & Interests:
Interior design, communications, & art


Vince Sidwell - Animator, educator, Certified UX Designer

Background & Interests:
Animation, education, & art


Ilknur Akin - Certified UX Designer

Background & Interests:
Law, design, & photography

Want to develop MyMUSEA?

(While MyMusea was made exclusively for educational purposes, we could be prevailed upon to have a conversation.)
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